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Mature Operating Experience

To establish professional services and business processes, and to develop a complete management and risk control mechanisms, accumulated an abundant operational experience.

Construct a professional network covering Hong Kong and Macao.

Establish branches with a clear division of service outlets around in Hong Kong and Macao in order to achieve 24-hours services.

Services and facilities are in place

Equipped with a variety of professional services appliance, service vehicles and 7x24 telephone service.

Professional service

Easylink Payment network (Hong Kong) company limited and Macau branch is the authorized acquiring institution, to expand the merchants development and services, terminal devices deployment and maintenance, transaction access and other services.
Professional service

Applicable industries

Supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, hotels and other stores.

Success Cases

Succeed to provide “one-stop” services for the Hong Kong and Macao merchants.
Applicable industries