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APOS The new generation of intelligent POS terminal combines the functions of financial POS and large-screen PDA, high integration and portability. It can provide powerful computing, secure payment, 4G full network, fast data acquisition and information access function as a one of the product application solutions, called mobile payment Swiss Army knife; widely used in the distribution of electricity and stores intelligent management and rapid settlement, anti-counterfeiting of goods, O2O distribution, finance and insurance.
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Product advantages
High security
Through the UnionPay card to accept the terminal security certification and acceptance of end products network certification, the National Commercial Password Authority certified products. From the user information security point of view, fully guarantee the hardware and communication channels in the transaction information security.
Almighty payment
Combine the magnetic stripe card, IC card, NFC, sweep code and other payment methods in one, fully support UnionPay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other Internet mainstream payment.
ID card identification
Support the second generation ID card to read. Therefore, it can be widely used in ticketing, transportation, government and other public utilities industries.
Super function
Support the identity card identification function. Therefore, it can be more widely used in ticketing, transportation, government and other industries; integrated thermal printer, bar code reader, camera and other functional modules, with a specially designed expansion slot, a variety of application scenarios.
Built-in Android system
Depth optimization of the Android system, based on the security, can be installed in a variety of industry applications, so that payment into the business scene, easy and various Internet payment integration.
Quality Assurance
To meet the industrial grade 1.2 m anti-drop, all products are selected industrial-grade raw materials to protect the stability of equipment, drop the buffer effect is strong, for the user to bring long-term, reliable quality
Product Advantages