MoneyExpress is a cross-border remittance service that has been launched in 45 countries and regions More


The new generation of intelligent POS terminal combines the functions of financial POS and large-screen PDA, high integration and portability, can provide a powerful calculation anytime, anywhere More


UMS Cashier APPS is a financial payment application, UMS Cashier APPS for Hong Kong and Macao businesses to provide convenient mobile payment function More

UPOP Online Payment

Users can achieve safe and convenient online payment, easy to handle a variety of online transactions, and easy to solve inter-enterprise funds settlement. More

POS Payment

Enjoy industry-leading acquiring services! Pay once you have a card, the most widely offline payment method More


Self-service and integrated payment functions, easy, convenient and secure payment experience. More

Mobile Payment

Designed for the payment of mobile Internet devices users, anytime, anywhere to provide "one-stop" mobile payment services. More


Online EasyPay business, mainly easy to provide an online payment platform, cardholders can log easy to easy EasyPay platform, choose to pay the business More


Fully fulfill card issuers and merchants personalized marketing requirement, is the first choice to improve client satisfaction and loyalty. More

Cross-border Payment

E_Hui, which provides cross-border loan fund payment service for domestic import enterprises. More