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ShangYingTong ShangYingtong system is a UnionPay group market demand-oriented, operated by Guangzhou UnionPay Online Payment Co., Ltd. It includes membership, prepaid, bonus and operation. It is one of the industry's most comprehensive card management system and integrated marketing services, and to help the business to attract and retain customers; for integrated shopping mall, large retail chains, department stores, food category, consumer goods, hotel chains, airlines, tourism, telecommunications and other industries. It can be fully satisfied card issuers and merchants personalized marketing needs and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty platform of choice
Business Capabilities
Prepaid and Bonus
Business can increase cash turnover quickly through the consumer prepayment in order to be profit maximization; Through the consumer spending generate bonus point, coordinate with business bonus consume activities and redeem gifts and other promotional activities.
Member Discount
With membership function, business can deepen consolidate existing customers, explore new customers; to further attract and stable customer base through discount functions.
Multiple consumption cards, Coupons
According to the number of multiple consumption cards use, or by using coupon, merchant can attract consumer spending thus improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
Product Advantages
Secure and Stable
Shangyingtong system provides a unified interface and unified reconciliation clearing channels
Access to the shangyingtong system after simple transformation of traditional POS device;
Comprehensive Services
Error handling processing platform, provide 24-hour customer service hotline service;
Operational Maturity
Already providing Jusco, parknshop and other types of enterprises comprehensive payment services, has a great of market applications, service capabilities.